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Todd Swan has a passion for artistically and technically crafting imaginings into material presence. With a keen sense of his clients' aesthetic and functional desires, Todd is able to creatively and masterfully bring their ideas into reality. Todd has always been drawn to excavating raw treasures and repurposing found items from uninhabited wild places, be it in his initial career as an archeologist or in his present career as a woodworker. He is particularly inspired by the alchemy of metals, minerals and wood and the grounding elements they represent. Todd has worked with wood as a finish carpenter, remodeler, builder and furniture maker for over 15 years. Through this extensive experience with a wide variety of clientele, he has gained a comfort level and expertise with a range of styles from elegant Victorian to the more style-follows-function Craftsman, rustic Farmhouse-Agricultural-Industrial and Mountain Cabin styles. In his Montana community, Todd is able to connect his work with nature and to his clients’ love of the wild. This allows him to create very unique pieces sometimes inspired by shadows, reflections and the ever-changing natural world.

Written by a client and friend.

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